ARRIVAL: Chevrolet Corvette C3 white / SALE PENDING

1981 Corvette C3 mit Glas T-Tops

1981 Corvette C3 mit Glas T-Tops

Dear Customer,

this model year is one of the last C3 equipped with the reliable carburetor technology. Later models have got the brand new fragile Twin Throttle Body Fuel Injection. This particular C3 has been ordered and built with Glas T-Tops w/o any headliner. Drivers and passengers enjoy more head clearance for a better ergonomics.

Vehicles shown as coming can be reserved w/o any risk and nonbinding. Please call us for any questions. For more details and customer feedback relations please search our website.


  • AVAILABLE:  Sale Pending
  • SOURCE:  USA South-East. St. Louis GM Assembly Plant
  • BUUILD: 1981
  • COLOR:  matching Code 10 = White
  • ENGINE:  matching Code L48 = 5.7 L V8
  • TRANNY:  Automatic
  • OUTPUT:  approx. 200 HP
  • MILES:  10.800 acc. odometer
  • PAINT:   rating 2 (see Paint Chart)
  • BODY:  nice and rust free framing that shows no signs of damage or major rust. No cracks on the sensible GFK Body
  • PANEL GAPS: very proper gaps betwenn door and pillars. Even the hood is good aligned between both fenders that is NOT typical for this model
  • INTERIOR:  matching code 722 = medium red. New seat covers, new steering wheel, new weather stripes on doors and pillars. Everything is clean and nice, nothing missing
  • DESIGN CHARACTERISTICS:  H-Framing with mounted GFK Body. Double triangular control arm, 1 across installed rear leaf spring package, power barkes, power steering, all disc brakes, T-Tops, vacuum pop up head lights, 3 point safety belts
  • OPTIONS:  power windows, ergonomical steering column, air condition, Glas Tops, new emblems and door handles

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  • PS-INDICATION: Gross-SAE until 1972, after Net-SAE
  • VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: no warranty on vehicle specification. Accept deviations
  • LEGAL:  vehicle is sold on customer order w/o warrranty
  • SALES:  only by appointment
  • ENGLISH:  Technical English available (fluent)
Thursday, 2017-10-19