Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer Edition

1988 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer

1988 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer

Dear Customer,

since Ford has annouced it's relaunch of the Ford Bronco in 2020, it has been our target to get one this high desirable Classic SUV's in good condition.

After several inspections on site, we found this particular example of a rustfree Survivor. The car comes in it's original condition w/o any modifications and is equipped with Eddie Bauer options. It total length is only 4600 mm, so it will fit in any garage. In 2018 it will get the Classic Cars status here in Germany.

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  • AVAILABLE:  Yes, car is on site
  • SOURCE:  USA South West
  • BUILD: 1988
  • COLOR:  Blue / Beige
  • ENGINE:  302 cui / 5.0 L V8 OHV 16 V EFI
  • TRANNY:  3 Speed Automatic
  • OUTPUT:  ca. 200 PS
  • MILES:  according odometer
  • PAINT:  Rating 1 (see Paint Chart)
  • BODY:  Original and rustfree body & framing. No panel replacements, no bondo. 100 % solid Arizona body. Both Chrome bumpers are free of rust or dents. Clean rocker areas, a- and b-pillars.
  • PANEL GAPS:  Closures and doors contemporary
  • INTERIOR:  Factory interior, very clean, no tears or cracks. Everything installed, all works
  • DESIGN CHARACTERISTICS:  H-framing with mounted body. Rigid axle in rear and front. Shiftable 4 wheel drive. Free wheeling hub in front
  • OPTIONS:  ABS, Eddie-Bauer Edition, US tow hook. Recently inspected


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  • Gross SAE-PS until 1972, Net SAE-PS from 1972
  • No warranty on the vehicle specification
  • This trade is a customer sales order
  • Sales only by appointment
  • Technical English available (fluent)
  • Further Info:
Saturday, 2017-09-09