Oldsmobile Cutlass F85 Cabrio V8 Automatik

1963 Oldsmobile Cutlass F-85 Cabrio

1963 Oldsmobile Cutlass F-85 Cabrio

Dear Customer,

US-West-Coast-Classics is proud to offer this original, clean and rust free Cutlass F85 of it's 1st generation. The pre-owner is member of the US Marines, has been send to Italy so he wanted to get rid of his car. This particular car has spend it's entire life in the dessert of Arizona. All revisions have been done clean and craftmanslike.

Please call for further questions.


  • AVAILABLE:  Yes, vehicle is on site
  • SOURCE:  USA South-West
  • BUILD: 1963
  • COLOR:  Red / Red
  • ENGINE:  3.5 L V8 High Compression (Aluminium housing and heads)
  • TRANNY:  3 Gang Roto Hydramatik (Aluminium)
  • OUTPUT:  ~ 160 SAE PS
  • MILES:   According odometer
  • PAINT:  Rating 2 (see Paint Chart). Clean paint with usual signs of age
  • BODY:   Solid and rust free Arizona body with original floors, cowls and quarters. New rubbers and weather stripes. Clean A- and B-pillars. Chrome and trim like new
  • PANEL GAPS:  Doors and closures contemporary. Hood a little uneven to both front fenders.
  • INTERIOR:  Unspend, original interior. Nothing missing, everything works. Obviously the carpet has been renewed
  • DESIGN CHARACTERISTICS:  Y-Platform Body (c/o Buick Special & Pontiac Tempest). First Fisher Body with a unibody design. Spring leafs, twin triangular control arms, power brakes, power steering
  • OPTIONS:  Automatically NEW convertible top, high jacker, spare tire, 4 brand NEW white wall tires


  • Gross PS until 1972 (Gross-SAE), Net PS from 1972 (Net-SAE)
  • No warranty on the vehicle specification
  • This trade is a customer sales order
  • Sales only by appointment
  • Technical English available (fluent)
Thursday, 2017-12-28