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About us – Purchase – Quality Standard


we are a familiy owned and operated business located close to the west end of Cologne. Enthusiasm in American-Iron and the love to this beautiful country have been reasons to step into this extraordinary business.

Lean-Business, skills and pureness are base features of our success. The education to a Degreed-Engineer has been aquired 1996. Skills and practical Know-How in operating business within a Cologne automaker. Body-Assembly, Body-Interior, Body-Corrosion-Protection and Powertrain Divisions have been part of the career.
The responsible Management-Board is operated by Wendy Krabacher.

We appreciate your call – Wendy

Feel the difference – we perform better !

purchase is focused on the procurement of vehicles from the dry south of the US. California is not our main source. Sometimes cars are purchased inside country, delivered to the coast and sold as coast cars at a higher price. So why not purchase prior to the interior southern states? If you have any questions we would appreciate to help you. Please contact us.

Procedures have been standardized to keep quality on a contionious level.