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Feedback + Customer Satisfaction (Source: Mails, SMS, WhatsApp)

“Although we had bad weather with rain, we have arrived well in Hamburg. The vehicle runs and drives good and it makes fun cruisin. Thanks again for that awesome vehicle and your purchase support. Best regards from Hamburg, Andreas A.”

Rico & Corina W.: “Hello, we arrived at home 3 p. m. safely. Our C3 has performed well through the entire routing. We had some traffic jam with lots of stop and go. That annoyance has also been managed well w/o any overheating issues. Cruisin the C3 makes lots of fun, a nice classic car. Thank you so much for the great guidance and reliability. Best regards, Rico and Corina W.”

“Hello Mrs. Krabacher, recently we have purchased this extraordinary 1955 Thunderbird from your stock. Just got some time to tell you that we are very satisfied with our “Donnervogel”. Guidance, purchase and project management have been done professional. The condition of the car matches your advertising and technical specification. Thanks again and good luck for your continious business”.

“Dear Family Krabacher. Thanks again for our piece of jewelry in Silver Light Blue. Everything has been done perfect and fair, from the first advise up to commissioning. We would like to recommend US-West-Coast-Classics unlimited to other customers looking for a US Classic Car.

“Hello Team, thanks for your nice service, thanks also for the new batterie you promissed. I feel that your business is a passion for you. I am very happy with my new Corvette, especially the color combo is nice and unique.”

“….we are very satisfied with this car. Good company service. Everything that has been agreed has been done on the car. A very good history of this Torino has to be highlighted.”

“Thanks for the car of my dreams. Everything has been done well, from my first inspection up to commissioning. Every time available by phone to give me detailed Information.”

“Hello, thanks for your support starting from the beginning of the project until commissioning. Return home and all other trips have been carried out w/a any issues. It’s a great driver with a great body.”

“Thanks for your support. Recently we have started to remove the paint down to bare metal. We have noticed that the body is unigue solid and absolutely free of rust. I have never seen a car of this age which apppears in such a nice and rust free condition.”

“Thanks again for for your perfect customer support — and the vehcile — a fantastic conditioned Mustang. Also the very helpful mailing and project support. If scheduled I will purchase an additional classic car at your shop. Best regards from Lampertheim J..”

“I am very happy and satisfied with my new Old’s, a dream became true. Thank you again. The car runs and drives very good. I am proud to call this Old’s my own.”

“Wow, amazing……I am satisfied since our first contact. Everything has been done.”

“…..thank you for your help, support and organisation. Everything has been managed well. Keep you posted…..”

“..thank you for the smooth managed project back to homeland of my 560 SL. Cash for value have been in a perfect balance. Rating 2 has been absolutely according Classic Data! The calculated market price is even higher than your sales price. It has been a worthwhile project with lots of positive feedback within our SL Club.”

“….an extraordinary car. The return from Cologne has been very comfortable and smooth. I never had the impression driving an almost 40 year’s old car. I had the car in a garage regarding converting to german oldtimer certification and the mechanics confirmed an extraordinary condition for it’s age. Perfect floors, nearly rust free original condition except some rubbers and a very smooth engine. A “honest vehicle” according it’s foreman. Thanks again for your fast and fair processing.”

“…thanks a lot for that great Montego. Your advice as well as customer support have been great. We appreciate your honest evidence refering risks in buying classic cars. This Montego is a very nice and reliable car that make fun driving it on interstates. You haven’t promissed too much. Best regards C. K..”

“….my wife did a test drive and she is also very satisfied with that car. The steering is more soft than on our Mercury that took us some acclimatization. In any case, this car is an eye catcher…..”

“…just to mention that this Fury is a real nice car. Technical Inspection and Oldtimer release have been passed easily. First test drive to Geiselwind and returned successfully done w/o problems regards.”

“…I am very happy with my Buick Riviera. A real solid and well maintained vehicle in original condition. Advisory service has been fair and objective. By your support my dream becomes true. Thanks a lot, proceed like this.”

“Thanks for the hot Mustang B)”

“…thanks for your feedback. Just to be mentioned that I am very satisfied with the purchase.”

“Dear Team. This is my promissed feedback. When I joined your showroom I was sure this was a worthy trip driving a disctance of 600 km for an inspection. Finally this beautiful and rustfree Mustang showing a very nice paint is now sitting in my garage. Purchase and certificate have been managed well. Thanks for your service and this extraordinary car.”