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Responsible for site content:

Wendy Krabacher
Achatweg 3 (Office only)
50259 Pulheim
Cell: 0049-177-5272946
Tax-Number: 203 | 5172 | 2226

Responsible for design & implementation:

RenderThat GmbH & Co. KG
Lotharstraße 36
50937 Köln / Cologne
Cell: +49 (0) 221 988 674 50

We will not be responsible for the content of external links and/or documents.

Data protection

Protecting your personal information, data and information about your business is unique. Your data will be checked in accordance with legal regulations. Below you will find information about what your visit to the website and how it is used:

1. Collection and processing of data
Any access to our website and every day will be logged on the website file. Memory management has internal system-related and statistical purposes. To be logged: name of expired file, transferred dataset, message about success, web browser and requesting domain.

Additionally, the IP addresses of the requesting computers are logged.
Additional personal data will only be appreciated if you provide this information voluntarily, or as part of a request or registration.

2. Use and development of personal data
You’re none of the convenience of the convenience of the convenience.

The information refers to the content of the contract, in particular to the delivery data – provided that this information on the billing data may be observed. You have the right to have a specific consent with effect for the future.

The solution of stored data allows you to change your data if you do not want to change your data.

3. Right to information
Upon written request you will be informed about your person.

security Alert
We are busy, your personal data are to be stored by taking all technical and organizational possibilities so that they are not accessible to third parties. When communicating via e-mail, we can not guarantee complete data security, so we recommend that you post the following information.

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